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Episode 390: The End Of Ken Shamrock In The WWF

On this episode of Something To Wrestle, Bruce is BACK and ready to talk about Ken Shamrock’s final couple of months in the WWF. Bruce and Conrad discuss the development and introduction of Ken’s “sister” Ryan Shamrock. Who was she, where did she come from, and why did the storyline get more and more confusing as they went along. They guys also discuss the lion’s den match between Shamrock and Blackman, his search for Stephanie McMahon that led to nowhere, and his last quick feud with Jericho before leaving the company for good.AN EVENING WITH KEVIN VON ERICH – Iconic wrestler Kevin Von Erich has just announced his first public tour.  The show titled “AN EVENING WITH KEVIN VON ERICH: Stories From the Top Rope” will feature Von Erich sharing insight into his career, personal triumphs and tragedies. Tickets will go on sale Friday, June 2nd at or Ticketmaster and will offer a very limited number of VIP tickets which include a meet & greet/photo op. The tour kicks off in Dallas on September 1st which will be hosted by sports reporter Dale Hansen and the following cities – September 2nd in San Antonio, September 3rd in Corpus Christi, September 5thin Houston, September 6th in Shreveport, September 8th in Oklahoma City, September 9th in Amarillo, and September 10th in Midland, all hosted by David Manning. Von Erich, now 65, will be the subject of a major motion picture, “Iron Claw”, which stars Zac Effron and is slated for release in late 2023.  FITE + – Fite+ is the ultimate digital platform for live sports and entertainment, and they are now offering a free 7-day trial at TryFite.comBLUECHEW –, promo code WRESTLE to receive your first month FREEFOLLOW ALL OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA at WITH CONRAD – Stop throwing your money on rent! Get into a house with NO MONEY DOWN and roughly the same monthly payment at SaveWithConrad.comOn, you get early, ad-free access to more than a dozen of your favorite wrestling podcasts, starting at just $9! And now, you can enjoy the first week…completely FREE! Sign up for a free trial – and get a taste of what Ad Free Shows is all about. Start your free trial today at WITH BRUCE – If your business targets 25-54 year old men, there’s no better place to advertise than right here with us on Something to Wrestle You’ve heard us do ads for some of the same companies for years…why? Because it works! And with our super targeted audience, there’s very little waste. Go to now and find out more about advertising with Something to Wrestle.Get all of your Something to Wrestle merchandise at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit